Health and Nutrition

What are nutrients?

Every molecule in the body is created by Nutrients & there are more than 45 nutrients. These nutrients build molecules, cells, and tissues of the body.We get energy from Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that we eat.

These are called macronutrients. These macro nutrients are broken down / metabolized to give energy to the body.

Vitamins and minerals (called micronutrients) are not themselves metabolized for energy, but they are important in helping the macronutrients convert to energy.

What is a healthy diet?

The optimal diet has to be individualized to meet your unique needs. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) food pyramid suggests that we use fat “sparingly,” and that our daily diet include 2 – 3 servings of dairy products; 2 – 3 servings of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, or nuts; 3 – 5 servings of vegetables; 2 – 4 servings of fruit; and 6 – 11 servings of bread, cereal, rice, or pasta.

These are general guidelines. Healthy diet is dependent upon many factors like: age, gender, body size, pregnancy, and status of health. A clinical nutritionist or nutritionally oriented doctor can help you determine what type of diet is best for you.

While you know it is important to eat a healthy diet, it isn’t always easy to sort through all of the information available about nutrition and food choices.

Nutrition has a vital importance to human well-being. Nutrition should play a leading role to improve our quality of life. Nutrition is a key for reducing your body fat percentage.

Better nutrition means stronger immune systems, less illness and better health. Better nutrition is a prime entry point to ending poverty and a milestone to achieving better quality of life. Safe food and good nutrition are important to all.

Basic nutrition knowledge is constantly taking shape every day, producing new diet trends to an ever growing audience of people who want to know the latest and greatest ways to achieve their physical fitness goals.

Get nutrition facts and discover how you can use dietary recommendations to improve your health. As you grow older, getting a nutritionally rich diet becomes even more important. The link between nutrition and health is necessary to achieve optimal health.

Good nutrition is a clear path to optimize our quality of life. An important starting point for achieving optimum health is to achieve optimum nutrition and get the proper nutrients from the food.

Diet and nutrition are the principle preventive measures against diseases.

Reading labels and eating a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients is optimal for healthy nutrition. Research confirms that good nutrition in the early years of life is crucial for human growth and mental development.

The study of human nutrition dates back to the 18th century, when the French chemist Lavoisier discovered that there was a relationship between our metabolism of food and the process of breathing.

The field of clinical nutrition has evolved into a practice that is increasingly incorporated into mainstream medical treatment. The term “nutritional supplement” refers to vitamins, minerals, and other food components that are used to support good health and treat illness.

A clinical nutritionist or nutritionally oriented doctor can help you determine what type of diet is best for you.

During the initial part of the visit, the clinical nutritionist will ask you questions about your medical history, family history, and personal lifestyle.

In hospitals, nutrition is used to improve the overall health of patients with a wide range of conditions. Effects of exercise and nutrition on postural balance and risk of falling in elderly people with decreased bone mineral density: randomized controlled trial pilot study.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy people are stronger, are more productive and more able to create opportunities to gradually break the cycles of both poverty and hunger in a sustainable way.

Healthy eating is associated with reduced risk for many diseases, including the three leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Healthy eating is fundamental to good health and is a key element in healthy human development, from the prenatal and early childhood years to later life stages.

Healthy eating is equally important in reducing the risk of many chronic diseases. We spend a lot of money on food, but there are ways to cut costs and still serve healthy delicious meals.

When you choose healthy foods instead of sugary or high-fat foods you can actually improve your health by adding extra phytochemicals and fiber. Breakfast foods should be healthy but they have a tendency to be high in fats and sugar.

We always hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why ruin a healthy breakfast.

Good nutrition is vital to good health, disease prevention, and essential for healthy growth and development of children and adolescents. Fiber is an important part of a healthy diet.

Many of us work very hard to eat healthy meals, but struggle with the urge for candy, cookies, cakes, ice cream and anything else full of sugar and sweetness. Most experts agree that snacking is a part of a balanced and healthy diet, as long as the snacks don’t pile on empty calories.

When your best efforts go awry, and you order pizza or serve another meal that doesn’t exactly fit into a healthy diet, you still have many options for making it healthier. Just about everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are a very important part of a healthy diet.

Having a well-stocked pantry and refrigerator can be a busy cook’s best weapon in the war against resorting to fast-food, high-fat, unhealthy meals. Fresh oil is a source of essential fatty acids, which help keep the skin healthy and the hair shiny.

We believe eating sensibly, combined with appropriate exercise, is the best solution for a healthy lifestyle.


When you choose healthy foods instead of sugary or high-fat foods you can actually improve your health by adding extra phytochemicals and fiber. The goal is to balance negative foods with positive foods so that the combined rating for all foods eaten in a single day is positive.

If you want to restrict your caloric intake without feeling hungry, find foods highest in any vitamin or mineral or lowest in carbs, saturated fats, or sugars. Our general state of health is partially driven by the types of foods we consume.

To make vegetable oils suitable for deep frying, the oils are hydrogenated, so trans fats are commonly found in deep-fried foods such as French fries and doughnuts. Trans fats, beyond a limit, are not good for our health.

Hydrogenation solidifies liquid oils and increases the shelf life and the flavor stability of oils and foods that contain them. Other sources of trans fats are vegetable shortenings, some margarines, crackers, cookies, snack foods, and other foods.

Since trans fats increase a products shelf life, many pre-prepared foods and mixes (for example, some pancake mixes and pizza dough) contain trans fats.

The solution: Whenever possible, eat whole, fresh, and unprocessed foods. When buying packaged foods, put in at least as much time into reading labels and selecting products as you do when choosing a shower gel or shampoo.

A good diet is central to overall good health, but which are the best foods to include in your meals, and which ones are best avoided.

Fast food has become much more popular of late and all over the world the outcry regarding harms of fast foods is on increase.

Be aware that there is little scientific information about the effect of so-called functional foods –foods to which vitamins, minerals, herbs, or other dietary substances are added — despite their growing popularity in the market place and claims of beneficial effects.

Some common foods, including nuts, wheat gluten, dairy products, fish, shrimp, soy, bananas and eggs may trigger allergic reactions.


Fats add taste to meals and give one a feeling of fullness when eaten. When you choose healthy foods instead of sugary or high-fat foods you can actually improve your health by adding extra phytochemicals and fiber.

Breakfast foods should be healthy but they have a tendency to be high in fats and sugar. The human brain is almost entirely composed of unsaturated fatty acids.

You deprive yourself of more than fats when you go for the fat-free or low-fat salad dressing. We need fats to absorb all the beneficial elements of salads and other fruits and vegetables. Learn which are the right types of fats, to create beautiful, supple skin, and a healthy body.

Eating more whole foods is a good way to replace many of the processed snacks and foods that have a lot of extra sugar, fat (including trans fat), salt, and other things added to them and a lot of good things taken out, like fiber.In addition to food labeled fat-free and low fat, healthy low fat foods include most fruits and vegetables.

Carbohydrates, proteins, and fats (called macronutrients) are broken down (metabolized) to give the body energy.

For example, lowering fat and cholesterol intake and adding whole grains to the diet can prevent atherosclerosis (plaque buildup in the arteries), which can lead to heart disease or stroke.

Fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential components of cells and can protect the heart from, for example, fatal arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythm). Omega-3 fatty acids found in cold water fish (such as herring, tuna, and salmon) have been reported to reduce inflammation and help prevent certain chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and arthritis.

Safe food and good nutrition are important to all. Basic nutrition knowledge is constantly taking shape every day, producing new diet trends to an ever growing audience of people who want to know the latest and greatest ways to achieve their physical fitness goals.

Did you know that you can drastically decrease your chance of heart disease and cancer by eating a healthy diet and following the recommended nutrition guidelines?

Proper nutrition is a powerful good: people who are well nourished are more likely to be healthy, productive and able to learn.

Good nutrition benefits families, their communities and the world as a whole. Malnutrition is, by the same logic, devastating.

3 Reasons Arts Education Is Vital for Business Success and Profit

In the recent economic downturn, many Americans have decided that there needs to be very strict budget cuts for schools. One of the unfortunate casualties to this plan has been Arts Education.There are limited options to this problem. I am not going to promote cutting other organizations such as clubs or sports teams, because I do not feel it is our right. Any form of involvement in school activities should be encouraged. Activities will not be successful, if they are all funded by bake sales. Trust me, I know from experience. People want to cut the funding for programs they are not personally interested in. I do not believe that is right. Taking money from the football team to give to the band is not a solution.Nevertheless, before you sign on to this seemingly simple tax-cut, think of these crucial benefits that come with involvement in the Arts.1.The Arts involves critical skills that generate success.-Reading music is composed of being able to configure fractions instantly in the head so fast that you can perform them at a moments notice. Music majors may cringe at the sight of a balance sheet or strategic profit model, until they realize it is the equivalent of Beethoven’s ninth symphony.-Being an actor you have to be able to present, negotiate and close. Just because it happens on stage rather than over a desk makes no difference. The ability to create the suspension of disbelief is the same as a sales pitch. The skill set of a well-rounded businessperson is instilled and rehearsed day after day becoming innate.2.The Arts creates the kind of employees you want to hire.-All disciplines of the arts from painting to singing and everything in between have a vital benefit; they require insurmountable hours of practice. The dedication to goals and achievement are something you will want for your organization.-Creative minds that indulge in the arts are not in it for the money, clearly. They do what they do for the thrill and empowerment they get from creation. Hire these people, give them room to grow and you will benefit from their strengths. Do not get me wrong, they might need training, but the foundation to create and bolster is there.-It has been well documented that the arts contributes to higher attendance and good behavior in schools. Showing up is half the battle, and in the business world can get you into so many doors by simply being persistent. Artsy people are nothing, if not persistent.3.The Arts invents employees, which will make you look good.-This may seem like a stretch, but let’s be honest, as a manager you always want to look good. This can only go as far as your employees and your effectiveness. You do not need to hire an employee who is going to be constantly late. You need an employee who is always early, because they know from auditions just how beneficial it is.-One of the toughest lessons students in the Arts have to learn is about rejection. The fact that I have to write this article is proof. But, students who come from an Arts background grow a tough skin. No, you do not need to hire the first chair violinist as your next sales person. But, I can guarantee you that an Arts major will be closing a major deal, because they will not take no for an answer. For people in the Arts rejection is a challenge, and the end result for you will be profit.-Prospects have hobbies and interests too! When hiring an employee, an Arts person can find a way to relate to almost anyone. Studying for roles, reading countless plays and observing the public an Arts trained employee can become the ultimate resource for human interaction. Arts people are essentially all trying to use their art to reach other people. We understand communication, an in the end it is essential to all business.-In order to be an effective manager you must employ minds that are not exactly like yours. You need to be able to challenge, delegate and improve. If you want another drone from a business school, who has never looked outside a textbook then that is your choice. If you choose to pick a person with a background in the Arts, you will be getting someone who has lived many of the pillars of successful business on a daily basis, not just read about them.When it comes to the subject you’ve got to ask yourself this: Is it more important to save a few bucks by cutting Arts Education or investing in the future minds entering the workforce? Let’s take a quick recap for most of the people, who will just scroll to the summary:1. The Arts involves critical skills that generate success.
2. The Arts creates the kind of employees you want to hire.
3. The Arts invents employees, which will make you look good.

Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Makes the Healthcare Facility Efficient

The main goals of a healthcare facility can be defined as providing quality care, education, innovation, research and customer service. The underlying objective is to attain these goals profitably. Many inputs are required by the healthcare facility to achieve their goals, like the qualification, skill level and experience of the healthcare professionals, the right equipments, adequate support staff and accurate timely information. To provide quality care the healthcare facility has to strive to improve the efficiency of the healthcare professionals and support staff and reduce expenses on non-healthcare related activities.Outsourcing medical transcription is an easy fix to improve the efficiency of the healthcare facility’s operations in the following ways:Providing information to the healthcare professionals by creating patient records: Medical transcription is the process of creating records of the patient-healthcare professional encounter by converting audio records to text format.Outsourced improves the efficiency of patient record creation in the following ways:Accuracy: A professional service provider would ensure that information of the patient-healthcare professional encounter would be captured accurately by using skillful transcriptionists, multi level quality checks and a stringent quality policy. The information in the patient records helps the healthcare professionals make informed decisions on patient care, rather than rely on memory, hand written notes or inputs from the patients
Timely: It would ensure that patient records are created in a timely manner. This improves quality of care as well as quickens the reimbursement process
Secure: A transcription vendor would ensure that the confidentiality of the patient records is maintained throughout the process of transcription including the transmission, thus removing any concerns for HIPAA violation during the transcription process
Flexible modes of dictation: By allowing the healthcare professionals to retain familiar modes of dictation, a transcription vendor would ensure that the healthcare professionals are able to make optimum use of their limited time Restrict the cost of medical transcription to the cost per line of transcription: Outsourcing ensures that the cost pf transcription is restricted to price quoted by the service provider. Additional charges like overheads and cost of coordination can be avoided
Improve the productivity of support staff by streamlining transcription flow: Outsourcing would ensure that the process of transcription starting with the upload of dictation files, transmission to the service provider and download of finished transcripts would take place in a systematic manner. This lessens the burden of the support staff. Additional features like powerful archival system would also ensure that locating files and tracking work-in-progress would be easy
Better utilization of resources: Outsourcing ensures that resources like real estate, Information technology staff, working capital, management staff etc. would be utilized efficiently instead of concentrating on the process of creating patient medical records.It can be concluded that outsourcing to the right service provider can improve the efficiency of the healthcare facility enormously. Care has to be taken to source the right transcription vendor and evaluate them on the basis of the various factors like accuracy, guaranteed turnaround time, security measures, cost per line of transcription and the technology used by the medical transcription service provider. These factors can be evaluated based on training methods used, quality policy, billing methods and the software & tools used by the service provider.