How to Find a Professional Company That Offers Spin Photography Services?

With websites loading faster and appearing before the user within seconds of clicking the URL most businesses turn online or at least create a virtual store for their business to the benefit of themselves as well as their customers. And for the same reason there are more and more techniques to make a website more interesting and appealing to the visitors and one of them happens to be spin photography.Spin photography involves the imaging technique where an object is photographed in such a way that it can be zoomed in or out or rotated on multiple axis. This allows a user to zoom, rotate or tilt an object and thus get its detailed view regarding its shape, size, colour, thickness, etc. While it lets you as a seller to highlight the best features of your product it helps a buyer to understand and appreciate all the features of a product he is planning to buy. The ability to turn the product upside down, from right to left or left to right gives the customer a feeling of physically moving the product and allows clearer inspection.Searching for a company that offers spin photography services is not an easy job, especially if you are doing it for the first time. A mere search in Google using the keyword “spin photography” would give you around 31,700,000 results out of which finding the right company for you is like searching for a needle in a haystack. So how do you find the right company provider for you from this long list? Here are a few tips for you:1. Check out the companies listed in the first few pages of search results. This would bring down the number to around 40-50. As you would know, some of the results might be purely informative and not commercial and hence, you could rule them out as they would be from websites like Wikipedia. Pick out the companies that offer spin photography services from the remaining results.2. Once you pick out the companies, check their websites to know more about their services and company details. Most companies would have a lot of information on their services, the previous works they have done, the way they work, the portfolio of work, the testimonials of previous customers and so on. This would let you decide on the companies that provide the kind of services you require.3. The techniques and equipment that are required for spin photography are more advanced than ordinary photography. Besides, it requires experts who are specialised in spin photography or 360 degree photography and are experienced in capturing and processing images that appeal to and convince the website visitors to convert and purchase. Go through the spin photography equipments that are used by the companies to create the images.4. Next you check the locality of the companies you have selected. It is always better to choose providers who are within or closer to your own locality. This would help you in communicating with them and going back to them for any clarifications or modifications in the work they have done for you.5. By now you can shortlist the few companies that you could contact directly and make your enquiries related to services, time for completion, techniques and equipments of photography used, charges for the service and so on. After talking to them by calling or meeting them in person, you could find answers to all your questions as well as clarify their terms and conditions. You could tell them what you are looking for and once there is complete agreement between both the parties, you can go ahead and employ them to create images for your website and thus enhance the shopping experience of online shoppers through effective spin photography.

Installed Software Vs. Cloud Software for Pet Boarders, Groomers, and Trainers

As a pet business, should you choose installed software or cloud software for managing your business data? This single decision may significantly affect not only your profitability, but also your customer’s experience and your personal enjoyment of your job. Choosing the right software for your business can lead to more clients, more efficient operations, and a laid back environment for you to enjoy your pet business more!Installed SoftwareWith installed software, your business data is limited to your computer or network.Most pricing models at first glance appear like a one-time only purchase, which can be at a high upfront cost, but reasonable when taking into consideration long term use. It is important to keep in mind that you will also need to purchase an annual support contract and that as new versions of the software become available, the old versions will stop being supported by the manufacturer meaning you need to purchase the new version. When considering this option; think of it more as chunk payments instead of month-to-month.You will have control over when to update your software. Most companies send out updates every few months, which you can download manually from their website during after work hours so as not to disrupt operations during the day.Most technologists would agree that installed software is a dying industry. It is not cheaper, not faster, and not updated as often as cloud based software.However, if a person does not have a reliable internet connection and does not see the value in having a tablet or smartphone with a data plan, installed software may make sense.Cloud SoftwareThe first advantage cloud software has is mobility. Everything is online so you will be able to access your business data in real-time from any location. When you need to run errands, take a break, or go on a vacation with the family, you can still monitor your facility’s activities.Another advantage is compatibility. With cloud software, you will be able to view your business on multiple computers, tablets, and smartphones at the same time. You can use it on a PC and a MAC without having to purchase different versions — as long as you have internet access, you can use your cloud based software. While your employees are managing a pet’s profile from one device, the web browser on your device will be updated as well.Pricing models are usually pay-as-you-go, month to month. This means that the software company must continue to earn your business month after month. This also makes the software less of a risky commitment because if you do not use or like your software then you can cancel at anytime.Because cloud software companies take data integrity very seriously, sophisticated software will host data in a data center that is fully encrypted.Cloud software companies will also automatically update the features and backup your data for you. There wouldn’t be a need to restart your computer after updating.Depending on the cloud-software provider you choose, your customers may also be able to book appointments with an online booking widget set up on your website. This gives you a 24/7 booking window, which is convenient for pet owners who only have time to set up appointments after working hours. Instead of automatically accepting each appointment, you also have the option to manually filter through the appointment requests before they are approved.All in all, your software depends on how you want to run your business. Request a demo or walk-through of the software and explain your day-to-day tasks and services to the software companies you are considering. Like you, they are looking for customers with the right fit and whom are seeking services they can provide.Compile a list of software features you absolutely need and ones you would be nice to have. This will give you a clearer vision of which software companies are worth the investment.

The Case for BET Nightly News and Black Media in General

We messed up. When we err, we need to admit it and move to correct the wrong. Black folks have been complaining about BET programming for ages when, in actuality, they’ve been checking it out on the “down low.”Listening to the negativity over the years, even I was shocked to find out there were so many closet watchers secretly hooked on BET Nightly News. I’ve gotten calls and emails from people all over the country upset about BET’s decision to cancel the program. Many of them say that BET is their only real connection to the Black community, and, for many organizations it is often the only TV coverage they receive.It’s not just the over 40 crew tuning in each night for an update on what’s happening in Black America, young people of all nationalities are aware of current events in the Black world thanks to BET Nightly News.After constant criticism of BET programming, the Black community was incensed when Robert Johnson made a savvy business move and sold the company to Viacom. As many people predicted, the nightly newscast hit the chopping block.If we do not want all of Black media to fold or get sucked up by mainstream conglomerates, we must recognize that news is a product governed by the laws of supply and demand. The more we watch our own news, read and subscribe to our print publications and praise the work, the more that business can flourish.Since slavery Black publications have been consistent advocates in our community and are still the first people called when there’s a problem. Unless it’s celebrity driven or blood ridden, mainstream press does not address our issues until there’s sufficient buzz created in the Black press.For example, recently several stories appeared in the Black press about the lack of concern for missing Black women. Those stories resulted in coverage in mainstream media including USA Today. And, no one can deny the impact George Curry’s article on Kemba Smith had on her case and the criminal justice system as a whole.For those of you who believe Black media has out-lived its usefulness, Richard Prince’s Journal-isms recently reported that The New York Times Co. is starting a Black newspaper in Gainesville, Fla. I’m not mad at the New York Times for their efforts to increase revenue by targeting the Black market; I’m sad that we do not recognize our own value and repeatedly take our struggling media institutions for granted.There are Black publications – like the 100 year-old Chicago Defender – that have served as the voice of the community for years. Among those already in Florida are the Broward Times, Weekly Challenger, Westside Gazette, and Jacksonville Advocate; why would New York Times start their own Black newspaper in Florida?Here’s a clue. Katherine Stapp of Inter Press Service recently reported that the first nationwide assessment of foreign-language and other ethnic media found that ethnic radio, television and newspapers in the United States now reach 64 million people. However, the article adds, Sandy Close of New California Media says “only three to four percent of the 145 billion dollars spent on U.S. advertising goes to ethnic media.” With these figures we can expect to see more profit-oriented mainstream publishers setting up shop to get a piece of the lucrative “ethnic” market.One might mention the quality factor. It is true that budget limitations prevent Black media from providing the glitz and glamour comparable to that of mainstream press. Don’t criticize, take action.Start by subscribing to a Black publication today. If your cable station does not offer TV One or the Black Family Channel, make a request to your cable provider. If they don’t respond, this is your opportunity to complain. For those of you with, or in charge of advertising budgets, make sure Black media is a major line item in your campaign. We need to be proactive, not reactive.What if public relations professionals would not service Black media if a client only spent adverting dollars with mainstream? What if, instead of refusing interviews with Black press, publicists granted exclusives to Black media for A-list clients? Imagine the impact if Will & Jada, Denzel, Halle, Jamie, Usher, Nelson, and Rev. Al only spoke with Black Media. Blacks are a driving force internationally, leveraging our power for just one week would position Black media across the globe. It’s time for Black America to put up or shut up.As the end nears for BET Nightly News I urge you to stop complaining and take a minute to plead the case for the newscast. If you would like to see BET continue to provide their excellent coverage of Black news and events send a note to BET explaining why it is important to keep the show on the air. Email, fax, or send your message in a bottle, but let them know that we do support the work that BET is doing for the community. For those who don’t watch the newscast, stand up for those who do.The “look what they did to us now” approach is ineffective in the new millennium. It’s time for Black folks to come out the closet and demonstrate a little “Black Pride.”