Healthcare Staffing Business Opportunity: Niche Or Breakout Business?

Have you ever wondered how hospitals staff their facilities? Of course you haven’t. Hospitals have a human resource department that screens, qualifies and hires healthcare professionals that fit the facilities needs right? Well sort of. In reality most healthcare facilities are staffed using nursing registries or healthcare staffing companies. You’ve probably never heard of a healthcare staffing agency (also called a medical staffing company) but these companies provide a great service to hospitals and other acute care facilities. Staffing companies help save hospitals time and money by screening, qualifying, and paying healthcare professionals.Often when people learn about what a healthcare staffing company does, they react by saying “wow I’ve never heard of that before. What a great niche.” However, recent events beg the question, is this really a niche business or could medical staffing be the quiet gorilla in the room of the growing healthcare industry? Obama’s healthcare reform and the aging population will drive up demand for healthcare in the United States. A core realization of an increase in demand for healthcare is the need for more healthcare professionals. However, while we are seeing the potential for large demand for nurses, nursing assistants, and allied healthcare workers, we are not seeing enough growth in these employment sectors to keep up with demand. This point bring us back to the question; is healthcare staffing a niche business or a business on the verge of breaking out into something bigger than its 8.8 billion dollar size already entails?The answer to this question is yes. Healthcare staffing represents a great business opportunity in the growing healthcare industry. Hospitals and other care facilities will turn to staffing companies and nursing agencies as the hospitals become swamped with people taking advantage of the healthcare reform and our older population who will require more hospital visits. The demand for medical staffing will only increase as the demand for healthcare increases. Medical Staffing represents a business that is poised to become huge.You may be wondering, “How can I take advantage of the potential in the medical staffing industry?” Healthcare staffing offers many job opportunities to people without a healthcare background. You could become a recruiter and enjoy your day recruiting and finding qualified nurses to work as your agency’s healthcare work force or you could enjoy the fast paced work of a staffer who quickly matches a hospitals needs with a qualified healthcare professional. However the great thing about this business is that with the proper training and support, most people can run their own healthcare staffing office.A great way to get the proper training and to have the support for all the questions and concerns you may have from running your own business is to buy a healthcare staffing franchise. There are many healthcare franchises out there but only a few medical staffing franchises offer the proper training and support you need. Find a franchise opportunity whose training staff is approachable and has experience in the medical staffing industry. These veterans have experienced it all and will be able to guide you through owning your own franchise.Healthcare Staffing is already a big industry. However, the room to grow is enormous. This business is no longer a small niche. It really is a breakout business teaming with opportunity. If you do your research you will find that healthcare staffing is the fast paced, interesting business with amazing potential that you may never even have heard of.

What Is the Difference Between Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering?

When we talk about engineering, it’s easy to forget that the profession is made up of very separate disciplines. The three main engineering branches are Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, and there are significant differences between them.Civil engineers are concerned with the design, construction and maintenance of the built environment we see around us every day. They’re responsible for not only ensuring buildings are constructed safely and in the right way, but also creating the necessary infrastructure of bridges, roads, dams and railways. Civil engineering is traditionally subdivided into a number of further disciplines, which include environmental, geotechnical, construction, coastal, transportation, water resources, structural, material engineering and surveying.Civil engineers work in both the public and private sectors. This means they could be undertaking infrastructure schemes for local government as well major projects for multinational companies, but also much smaller jobs for private individuals. Major projects which civil engineers have been heavily involved in recently include the 2012 Olympic stadium and Crossrail, which is extending the rail network beneath London.The job of electrical engineers on the other hand, is to study electricity, electronics and electromagnetism and how they can best be applied. This means they design, maintain and improve products that are powered by or produce electricity. So electrical engineers are involved with the development and construction of large-scale electrical systems for power transmission and distribution, and control motors. Sometimes electrical engineers are also called electronics engineers, though electronics engineers are more specifically focused on using electricity to power electronics. This means that an electronics engineer might design the computer system for a car, while an electrical engineer would deal with the electrical systems that powered those electronics.Of particular interest to electrical engineers currently is finding new ways to create and then use renewable power more efficiently in our daily lives. Consequently, they are increasingly involved in the development of solar, wave and wind systems and in the development of electric cars and their charging points.Finally, mechanical engineers handle the design and construction of machines. This can see them working on all manner of engines and turbines for all kinds of applications – cars, lorries, ships, aircraft, pumps and fans, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, building services, industrial plants and manufacturing processes.So they need to know about many different specialist areas such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and mechanical design, as well as computer and electronics engineering, acoustics, noise and vibration control and increasingly medical bio-technology.In this field, they use their expertise as the ‘motion specialists’ in a team that’s working to design, build and install artificial body parts. So they will work with doctors and biologists to create such things as artificial limbs that have to be designed to withstand the stresses of everyday life, using materials that are compatible with the human body.Each of these three areas of engineering offers exciting opportunities for those in the profession. With new technologies, materials and ideas being developed all the time, this will lead to ever greater specialisation, with each branch becoming even more sub-divided and varied.

Make Fitness Affordable 11 Discounts To Ask Your Fitness Professional If They Offer

Making sure that fitness fits in your budget is an important part of finding the right candidate. View multiple specials, sales, discounts and unique offers for each fitness professional underneath their in depth profile. If you don’t see it listed make sure to ask! Many personal trainers, yoga instructors and Pilates instructors offer their own exclusive deals in addition to many of these listed below.1. Split The Cost With A Friend
If you are interested in training with a friend or two, this option may be of the largest price savings to you. Many personal trainers, yoga instructors and Pilates instructors offer to split the cost with a friend thus reducing the initial cost by 50%. If they do not offer this make sure to ask if they offer reduced pricing to add a friend to your sessions. It may not be 50% savings but every little bit counts! Whether you choose this option to make it more affordable and be able to train more frequently or if you choose to have an additional support system for fitness, either way you win!2. Group Rates
If you are looking to hold a group fitness class at your home, office or park this is the deal for you! Recruit a group of friends, employees or office mates to get fitter and discuss with your prospective fitness candidates what your group is looking to do. Whether it is to have yoga classes outdoors, utilize your on site work gym or to have a fitness boot camp at your home, fitness professionals are able to cater to your groups specific needs. Sessions for groups usually range anywhere from $5- $50/per person per class depending on the size of the group.3. Military Rates
Your service is appreciated! Ask about discounts for Marines, Army, Navy, National Guard or Air Force. Provide your military id when you sign up and tell your fitness professional up front that you will be able to provide it as proof of military activity.4. Senior Discount
For some it is as easy as providing your driver’s license or senior card card in order to get this discount. Being a senior has its benefits! Fitness professionals also travel to assisted living facilities, senior centers, independent living facilities and offer supplemental fitness to physical therapy sessions.5. College Discount
Provide your school id and receive special discounts since personal trainers, yoga instructors and Pilate’s instructors understand that school is expensive and your health is important! Make sure to tell your fitness professional about where you would like to workout, if it is on campus or off campus and if you have access to a fitness facility that you would like to utilize.6. Corporate Discounts
Are you a busy corporate employee? Do you have limited time but have a gym in your office building? Try personal training, yoga lessons, or Pilates sessions at your office whether it is in a gym, in your office or outside. Since all trainers travel to you, you never have to be without a fitness routine, no matter how busy you are! Ask your human resources department if anyone else is interested in joining a fitness program with you and get additional discounts.7. Annual Membership
If you have a fitness goal deadline that is a year away or more ask about annual membership. Many memberships also offer classes as well as one one on one training. If you know that you would like to lose a large amount of weight, make a drastic lifestyle change, train for a sport specific race or just develop healthier habits over the course of the year an annual membership can save you money. Make sure to discuss with your fitness professional if it has to be paid up front in order for the discount to apply or if it can be spread out into payments.8. Family Discount
If you are considering getting fit as a family affair, consider asking about family discounts. Fitness instructors understand that families are on tight budgets. If you would like to set up fitness lessons with siblings, young kids, spouses or the entire family during the same session discuss if this is an option. Usually when training within the same family, during the same hour, some discount will apply. Some trainers have a flat rate for the hour while others charge per individual.9. Free Initial Consult or Trial Session
Are you worried that you will pick the wrong fitness professional and then be married to them for many lessons? Avoid this by asking for a trial session. All trainers offer trial sessions at either a small fee or for a free consultation. This allows you to meet with your chosen fitness professional and have a face to face session before you commit to any lesson packages.10. Large Package Discount
Every trainer has a different idea of a large package. The average trainer considers sessions bought in bulk usually 10 or more a large package. Make sure to ask how many sessions qualify for a large package and if they have to be paid up front or if you can spread out payments over time. You will also want to ask if there is an expiration date and if they have to be scheduled in advance. If you plan on training for several months and several times a week this may come out to several hundred if not thousands of dollars in savings.11. Insurance Discount
Make sure to check with your work if your health insurance or your company offers discounts, reimbursements, or incentives to get healthy. Most health insurances offer anywhere from $100-$500 reimbursement for fitness classes, group fitness lessons or one on one personal training.